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Fire House Meeting Room

44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lakes, CO


May 13, 2010 Meeting Notes


The meeting was called to order at 1:34 PM by Chairperson Ted Carter.


Members in Attendance: Barbra Bowman, Susan Bradley, Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Ben Myers, Ross Reid, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge, Roger Svendsen


Members Excused Absences : All other members had excused absences.


Larimer County Representation : County Commissioner Lew Gaiter, III, Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning and Linda Hoffmann, Director of Planning and Building Services


Guests Present : Pat Bradley, Judy Viola and Tom Viola


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written


Approval of Minutes : March and April 2010 meeting minutes were approved


Communications from Committee Members :


1.  Barbra Bowman introduced herself to the PAC and advised the PAC why she had initially applied for PAC membership and stated that when she applied and was accepted she had no idea that she would be hired by the Sheriff’s Office that would require a considerable amount of training time.  She advised that she had communicated to County employees that she would have to miss several scheduled PAC meeting due to her training commitments. 


2.  The PAC discussed Gene Allen vacancy and the absences of a PAC member due to illness. 


3.  Ross Reid advised that he had received a telephone call from the RFL School principal advising about the ad in the North Forty News and his hope that he will be able to work with the RFLPAC in the further pertaining to school issues. 


Comments from Audience


1.  Judy Viola.  Judy discussed Proposed Amendments 60 and 61 to the Colorado Constitution and proposed Colorado Proposition 101.  RFLPAC members and RFL community members are encouraged to educate themselves on the proposed Amendments and Proposition. can provide both pros and cons for proposed Amendments and Proposition.


Communications from County Representatives :


1.  LARCO Commissioner Lew Gaiter III introduced Ms. Linda Hoffmann, LARCO Director of Planning and Building Services who thanked the PAC membership for their services to Larimer County and she favorably commented on the Red Feather Lakes Master Plan.


Action Items :  None


Updates :


1.  Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning.  The RFL road contract has been signed and work should begin in about four weeks. 


2.  Ben Myers advised that shortly after last month’s PAC meeting, CenturyTel advised that they were purchasing Qwest.  Ben will delay contacting CenturyTel concerning RFL broadband issues until the dust settles concerning this purchase.  Subsequently, the PAC discussed WiFi and broadband issues.


3.  Tom Viola discussed the vision of an Environmental Learning Center at the Red Feather Elementary (RFLE) School.  This Center would add value to the Red Feather School and Poudre School District (PSD).  The major factor that kept the Red Feather School open was dollars; the impact of school closure on the children and the Red Feather Lakes community had little impact on the School District’s decision to keep the RFLE school open.  An Environmental Learning Center may create an attraction to bring more visitors to RFL to help sustain the economic viability of the community.  The development and implementation of a year round mountain environmental learning center would help educate and prepare PSD’s students and the general public for the green economy.  It would be a cooperative partnership with PSD and community groups to teach hands-on interdisciplinary environmental education, using the unique learning environment of the Colorado Rocky Mountain ecosystem and the educational experience of RFLE School’s existing environmental education programs.  Funding would be provided by local, state, federal grants and PSD-wide fund raising programs.  Such learning centers are not new to Colorado.  Some mountain communities are taking advantage of their own natural resources to teach an environmentally based curriculum, such as the Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery in Nederland, CO. 


a.  Ted Carter asked the PAC to identify where the PAC’s involvement fits into this project.  Responses included (1) it would help keep a sustainable community for families; would provide families a reason to move to RFL; to manage such a committee would be very time consuming.




Discussion Item – Community Pathways


1.  Ted Carter asked if the school issue is the focus of PAC for the next year?  Is it the primary focus or is it secondary to water and sewer?  The consensus of the PAC was that the PAC can balance both the Water and Sewer issue with the environmental learning center project.  Michael Sledge, Lucille Schmitt and Susan Bradley voiced interest in participating in a sub-committee pertaining to the environmental learning center.


2.  Ted Carter addressed Susan Bradley’s April 8, 2010 motion pertaining to Barbra Bowman’s.  Susan Bradley advised that she wanted to withdrawal her motion and the PAC membership agreed. 


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Submitted by Terry Ferebee

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.