Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2007


Members in Attendance: Eunice Michalka, Lucille Schmitt, Bill Gilbert, Ted Carter, Roger Svendsen, Susan Bradley, Dennis Frydendall, Gene Barker, Michael Sledge, Terry Ferebee, Ross Reid


Others Present: Jill Bennett – Board Liaison (LarCo Planning Dept.) and four guests.


The meeting was called to order by Chair Eunice Michalka at 4:00PM.


The Chair asked each PAC member present to make a statement about what they think is the “best thing about the new park.”


The minutes from the March 8th, 2007 meeting were approved as submitted.


Communication Items:


1. Committee Member Communications

  • Street Signs: The County will replace 50 to 58 street signs in the village and surrounding area. The signs will be brown background with reflective white lettering. This color signs will only be placed on the local streets. The standard Green/White signs will be placed on the county roads. Some street names will be changed. Ted Carter suggested that there be an attempt to get from the county the names of the street names that will have to be changed. There was a suggestion that if an individual has a name to suggest that they send a letter to the county with their suggestion.
  • Park update: The county site review occurred on March 21st. A grant for $2800.00 has been received from Home Depot. The money will be used to build four bridges. Other grants have been applied for. Ted Carter and Gene Barker are working on solving drainage problems. The Veteran’s memorial will be moved to the park.


2. County Communication:

  • TODS: Jill stated that the TODS proposal will be going to the Commissioners for a final hearing on April 16th. This was followed by a discussion about the TODS program. Susan Bradley made a motion that a sign with reflective lettering be placed at the intersection of Prairie Divide Rd. and CR-74E to direct visitors to the business area. The motion died due to the lack of a second. Roger will take Susan’s proposal to the Property Owners Association to see if they will pay for this sign. The proposal was tabled.


Personal Appearances: None of the four guests made a statement.


Agenda Items:


Red Feather Lakes Business Zone Proposal:


  1. Business owners pretty much in favor of the proposal.
  2. Jill gave a short history of the origin of the plan and passed out a document stating the time line. Jill also presented an explanation about how the plan will deal with any re-zoning of existing businesses.
  3. Ted Carter made a motion that the PAC approve the document establishing the Red Feather Lakes Zoning District and for the PAC to present the proposal for public discussion at the next PAC meeting. Roger Svendsen seconded the motion. The PAC will meet for regular business from 5 to 6PM with the public discussion of the zoning plan to occur from 6 to 7PM. The motion was passed unanimously.


PAC By-laws:


  1. The PAC continued discussion of the proposed bylaws.
  2. Ted Carter made a motion stating that “a majority vote of the members present at any meeting would be needed to pass any motions deemed regular business. Additionally, any agenda items that will be referred to the county however, will have to be passed by a majority vote of the PAC committee as a whole.“ The motion was seconded by Terry Ferebee. A long discussion followed. The motion was carried 6 in favor, 4 opposed. Note: One of the PAC members left before the vote.


Election of Officers for the next meeting: Ted Carter made a motion that the existing officers be retained until the bylaws are approved by the PAC. The PAC would then elect officers in accordance with the new bylaws. The motion was seconded by Lucille Schmidt. The motion carried, 9 in favor, 1 opposed.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:18PM.


Respectfully submitted,


William W. Gilbert, Secretary


Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.