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LAPAC Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2010


Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Nancy Grice, Craig Hults, Ed Ott, Paul Resseguie, Ed Stoner and Andre Duvall

Meeting Called to Order: Susanne called to order 7pm

Agenda: Adopted as written.

Meeting Minutes: January meeting minutes adopted with corrections. 

Communication Items:

            Committee Member Items:

                        Susanne Cordery-Cotter – Thanked Nancy for her attendance to planning hearing. 

                        Nancy Grice – Laporte Pizza, Steve Johnson held public meeting, was quite informative, some confusion regarding what LAPAC was…suggested that we try and coordinate the attendance of these meetings.  The suggestion was made that we communicate the purpose of LAPAC and its function.  Ed Ott will try and be there as much as possible. 

            Staff Member Items:

Samantha Mott – Steve Johnson wanted to pass along that he will attend if desired about any issue that we have questions about.  Steve cannot when agenda contains planning review items due to conflict of interest. 

Personal Appearances:

Bart Staples, Edward Jones Financial Services, conducting preliminary investigation into possibility of developing office in Laporte. 

Guests: None

Agenda Items:

1.         Open Meetings Issue: Motion made: Moved that the Laporte Area Planning Advisory Committee designates the Oak Street entrance to the Larimer County Courthouse as the public posting place for notices of all official actions and public meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Colorado Open Meetings laws (C.R.S. 24-6-402).  Craig Hults – Motion, Ed Stoner -2nd. Nancy asked whether there is also a local venue to post the notices.  Staff to investigate whether there are alternative locations that can be arranged.  Motion passed as read…will research alternative postings. Unanimously passed.    

2.         Pope Special review:  Matt Lafferty gave presentation.  Randy Pope requests rebuttal under Roberts Rule of Order - granted.  Original special review initially denied, Randy Pope then has ability to revise and resubmit if substantially changed since last application.  Appeal made regarding whether substantial changes had been made to original application to warrant new special review.  Appeal scheduled for March Planning Commission Meeting to take place the day after March LAPAC meeting.  

Matt discussed changes that were made to the original plan.  Proposed reductions from 130 events to 60 events and also proposed to limit maximum attendance of 60 events (20 w/ 130 guest, 20 w/ 90 guests, 20 w/ 50 guests).  For calendar year 2010 25 events may be weddings, after 2010 weddings limited to 12 events per year.  Discussed changed seasonal camp events and proposed operations from March 1 to September 30 of each year and limited to 20 participants.  Discussed proposed move of parking lot away from roadway and reduced number of spaces proposed.  Application of the five review criteria used by County Commissioners discussed in special review materials. 

County Commissioners originally rejected special review citing the proximity of parking to other properties and general compatibility issues based on size and number of events.  Noise is controlled by county ordinances.  Traffic will not require additional road improvements.  Water from district.  No sewer lines, leach field required.  Drainage OK. 

Randy Pope provided handout during meeting.  Materials included new pictures and discussion of proposed changes made to original plan.  Pointed out other businesses in the area, reduced volume of usage, new position of parking lot, to be paved if phased in over two years.  Reduced volumes of guests to reduce traffic levels. 

Public appearances:

  1. Jon Schmidt – neighbor, has concerns regarding the screening aspects of the trees.  Believes the project is incompatible with existing uses…creates adverse impacts.  Traffic, is not dispersed over course of day…its more sporadic.  Possibly creates traffic congestion.  Not compatible.
  2. Mrs. Schmidt - History and preservation – commercial operations…somewhat misleading in presentation.  Much history on the hill. Traffic is already an issue…requested looking at the land use plan.
  3. Dick Speace – neighbor, believes the business aspects pointed out somewhat misleading, business currently identified are very low impact and only eight businesses on the road currently.  Jan 31st meeting minutes…Pope stated that proposal was poor idea.  Has problem with wedding events aspects. 
  4. Shelby Majors – across street neighbor, changes are not significant enough to warrant the new special review application.  Notice has been an issue again for residents trying to comment.  Changes to possible scheduling increased camping issues. Property values…will be a significant loss of property values.  Noise is going to be an issue as well.
  5. Rebecca Douglass – does not support any of the proposals, feels like the plan is just to get foot in the door to increase later.  Does not believe that issues will be addressed to fix the problems. Noise will be an issue.  Neighborhood is against the project generally.  Not compatible and or harmonious. 
  6. Liz Whitney – Bingham Hill resident, surrounding area very dark…not much lighting until Laporte area.  Will add more light in general.  Flowers House comparison…noise takes time to abate…alcohol seems to always be an issue.  What is process that Randy would have to follow to change current numbers plan?
  7. Joe Sullivan – mobile vet business on chart…misleading evidence that all kinds of businesses listed are not really relevant.  Camp will be an issue…not compatible, noisy.  Traffic will be an issue…especially on hills.  Bikes add to congestion already.  Driveway is next up…potentially use their property for turn around.  50 cars in an hour.  Has trouble with compatibility issues.
  8. Sandy Walker, Bingham Hill resident.  Agrees with previous comments, nothing new to add but still in agreement that use is incompatible. 

Pope rebuttal – Trees, will be planted and landscaped using 8 foot trees to landscape. History and preservation will not be impacted.  Amount of traffic, numbers used assumes that all days will be scheduled to maximum use…limited to 60 events, camps will decrease use because only 20 at camp.  Traffic, RV’s passing was Randy’s comment at January 31st meeting…taken out of context.  Weddings will be limited to 12 a year.   Has listened to neighbors and has tried to make changes to current plans to try and address all concerns.  Events will be finished by 10pm...everybody gone from property.  Questioned the basketball camp that Joe mentioned…was actually family reunion.  States that camp limits kids late night activity.  Turn-arounds in others driveways should not be an issue.  Many people who commented were from west of the property which will be negligibly impacted.   

Committee discussion –

Ed Ott – should be approved…likes the idea. 

Ed Stoner – not enough has changed.  Not compatible. 

Paul Resseguie – compatibility issues.  Businesses change. Still thinks it’s OK.

Nancy Grice – concerned about amount of time that was given to review.  Opposed.

Andre Duvall – still opposed…not enough has changed.  Perception that there will be problems.  Expectations of neighbors. 

Craig Hults – appreciates work Randy Pope is doing to address concerns, however still opposed based on comments from neighbors regarding compatibility. 

Susanne – compatible and harmonious.  Traffic has been addressed.  Lighting has been addressed.  Noise could be conditioned.  OK with plan.  Proposal good for Laporte.


Motion made regarding events center as newly proposed.  Motion to deny request on special review events center proposed use (2/16/2010 review materials), due to impacts on neighbors and reduced property values.  Ed Stoner - Motion, 2nd Andre Duvall, Nancy Grice amends motion to add noise concerns as another reason for concern.  Vote: 4 ayes, 3 opposed, motion carries.

Motion made regarding Seasonal Camp as newly proposed – motion made to support or reject seasonal camp limited to 60 events with maximum of 20 participants per event.   Vote: 3 opposed, 3 support, 1 abstained, motion fails due to lack of consensus/majority.

Meeting Next Month: Tentatively March 16, 2010.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:48pm










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