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Boards and Commissions Questions and Answers

  1. What is time commitment for regular meetings? And how long is a 'Board term'?
    Boards generally meet once a month, although this can vary depending on the Board. There can also be subcommittee work. Board terms are typically three years.
  2. What kind of knowledge do I have to have to serve on a Board?
    The Board of Larimer County Commissioners looks for volunteers from all walks of life, a cross-section of representation. Generally you don't have to be an expert in a particular field although you do need to be sincerely interested. A few Boards, like the Flood Review Board, have specific requirements. Any requirements are listed under 'qualifications' on the Boards web page.
  3. Can I apply for more than one Board?
    Yes. However, you need a separate application for each Board you apply for. There is a place on the application form where you can specify your priority and mark whether this is your first, second, etc. choice.
  4. What happens after I submit my application?
    Boards with current opening(s):
    • All applications are organized for Commissioner consideration.
    • Applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted by the Commissioners' Office to schedule an interview. Interviews are usually conducted by a team consisting of: at least one Commissioner, Staff Liaison, and the current Chair of that Board.
    • Following the interviews, the interview team will make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners fill.
    • Recommendations will be placed on the weekly Administrative Matters meeting agenda for approval by a majority of the Board of County Commissioners
    • After the appointment(s) have been approved by the Board of County Commissioners, letters are sent to all applicants.
    • If you are not appointed to a board, your application(s) will kept on file for one year.
    • If any openings occur while your application is on file, you will be reconsidered.
    Boards with no current opening(s):
    • Applications will be kept on file in the Commissioners' Office for future openings.
  5. Is there a lot of turnover on Boards?
    At any given time, about 400 citizens are serving on Larimer County Boards, Commissions and Task Forces. Sometimes there are more applicants than openings and vice versa. Through the generosity of citizens who serve on Boards and Commissions and provide valuable input, Larimer County realizes hundreds of volunteer hours a year and subsequently thousands of dollars saved. You can choose to be notified about Board Openings by signing up for the Boards & Commissions Openings subscription service
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