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Larimer County - Damage Report

We have set up the form below to allow the property owner to submit a damage report online and include any information that they feel will be helpful in determining the condition of a property after it has been impacted by a natural disaster.

Property Information
Account or Parcel Number or Address

Building Description
Primary use: Commercial,
Residential or Agricultural

Damage Estimate

*Estimate the value of your property damage (numbers only, no commas, no periods)

Additional Documentation

You may include up to 3 files as attachments (photos, sketch, repair estimates, etc.) to assist county staff in evaluating your property. Attachments must be in PDF, Word, RTF, Excel, JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP format, and cannot be more than 25MB in size.


Please check all categories of damage that relate to your property:

Structure leveled - completely destroyed Insulation Damage Damage to eaves
Major Foundation damaged Exterior wall damage Damage around windows or doorways
Basement destroyed One room Destroyed Mold Damage
Water above eaves Exits Blocked Carpets/flooring soaked
Second Floor Gone Chimney damage Furnace damage
Water heater damage Well damage Septic/sewer damage
Property rendered uninhabitable
Interior floor/walls
Deck or porch damage
Water above First floor Minor damage to exterior walls Concrete - driveway - sidewalk damage
Wall collapsed Business inventory destroyed Broken Windows
Exterior Frame Damage Trees fallen on structure Landscaping damaged or destroyed
Roof off or collapsed Shingles or roofing removed or damaged

Summary of Damage
Summarize the extent and type of damage to the property. Please include the approximate date on which the property was damaged or destroyed. (Avoid using quotations or special characters in the box below as it may result in formatting errors when form is submitted.)

By checking the box below, I declare that I am the owner of the property and that the information contained herein constitutes true and complete statements concerning the property. I further recognize that the property may be subject to an onsite inspection by personnel from the Assessor's office.

  * Check this box to agree with the above statement.

*Owner Name:
*Your Email:
Phone: () -

You will receive a copy of the email sent to the Assessor with all of the submitted information including attachments.

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